Safe & realistic wound debridement simulation.

Our innovative wound model will improve training and confidence in practitioners which will enhance patient outcomes and quality of life.


Our Model Explained.

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Currently there is no good model for practitioners to develop skills and confidence in sharp debridement, with current practice using fruit, porcine and cadaver skin which clearly can never approach the real-life wound presentation or physical characteristics in reproducible and scalable manner. Here we explain how our process differs.

Overcoming Current Issues


The model is designed to assist in training nurses, clinicians, researchers and other healthcare workers in wound bed preparation and debridement by providing the tactile and haptic feedback that is crucial for translation into real-life wounds.


Models can be tailored to suit the needs of the user, with customisable skins tones and colours, bodily locations and wound dimensions, varying aetiologies and severities and presence of slough or necrosis.


The environment is important to everyone and this is why our model is eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable.

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